Forever Young Seamless Bra

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The PERFECT Bra DOES Exist- Introducing the Forever Young Seamless Bra

The Forever Young Padded Seamless Bra is perfect for everyday wear.  This bra is super elastic, seamless, breathable and WIRE FREE- uniquely designed with Polyamide and Nylon material for your precision and comfort.  From a Small to an 3x, or an A to an E, optimal fit, cushion, and comfort is yours!

Details & Features:

Colors: Beige, Black, Light Blue, Red, Light Purple, Light Pink, White

Seamless: Our bra is seamless, and shows NO lining under sheer clothing.

Durability & Enhancement: Our seamless bra is strong, naturally enhancing the shape of the breast with its built in padding.

Sizes          Under Bust                        Suggested Cup
S             less than 70cm/27.56"          70/32A   70/32B

M            70-75cm/27.56-29.53"         70/32C   70/32D   75/34A   75/34B

L             75-80cm/29.53-31.5"           70/32E   75/34C   75/34D   80/36A   80/36B

XL          80-85cm/31.5-33.46"           75/34E   80/36C   80/36D   85/38A   85/38B  85/38C

XXL       85-90CM/33.46-35.43"        80/36E   85/38D    85/38E   90/40A   90/40B  90/40C  95/42A  95/42B  95/42C

XXXL     95/100cm/37.4-39.37"         90/40E    95/42D   95/42E  100/44A  100/44B  100/44C